Kommas Ensemble is a Cologne-based formation of musicians with international background. The group is composed of musicians specialized in contemporary music (graduates of the Ensemble-Modern-Academy Frankfurt), as well as orchestral musicians from renowned orchestras, jazz musicians, and outstanding specialists of the free improvisation scene.


One of the central programmatic aims of the ensemble is to provide a platform for the new music that is currently developing in Latin America. Ideally, Kommas Ensemble seeks to build a bridge between Germany and the global new music scene, promoting its diffusion and supporting its democratization worldwide.


Kommas Ensemble has performed at important festivals throughout Germany, had its international debut at the Mixtur-Festival in Barcelona in 2017, and took part at the Acht Brücken Festival 2018 in Cologne, WERFT Festival Cologne 2019, FRAKZIONEN Festival 2020 in Bielefeld and FORUM-2020 of the Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts in Munich.


In September 2023 Kommas Ensemble took part in the Festival Musicahora in Chile, also touring the country and giving concerts, lectures and workshops in Santiago, Quinteros and La Serena.