21.06 2022 | 12:30 h | Museum Schnütgen/St Cäcilien 
Cäcilienstraße 29,  Cologne 

Ticket: 10 Euro


Reservations: kontakt@romanischer-sommer.de
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Marco Stroppa 

Ay, There’s the Rub (2001, rev. 2010)
for Cello solo


Kaija Saariaho 

Vent Nocturne (2007)
for Viola und Elektronik


Yu Kuwabara

Ōmagatoki no Uta (Hearing the Dusk Abyss) (2014, rev. 17-18)
for Cello solo


Francisco C. Goldschmidt

Retazos (2020)
for E-Guitar solo


Kyubin Hwang, Cello

Alba González i Becerra, Viola 

Francisco C. Goldschmidt, E-Guitar


#ECHOS  is an answer to the question of distance, of what is perceived as dim and confused, of the vague rumor or news of a distant event. The performed pieces work with resonances, space and repetition, bringing nearer a distant poetic world, like memories that return but in an altered form.

The program features two composers with long international careers, Kaija Saariaho (Finland, b. 1952) and Marco Stroppa (Italy, b. 1959), and two emerging composers, Yu Kuwabara (Japan, b. 1984) and our artistic director Francisco C. Goldschmidt (Chile, b. 1981). All works are written with a remarkable technical rigor, all composed for solo instruments and with high technical standards in their execution. In this sense, in every moment of the concert, the program creates different spaces, particular resonant zones that generate the echo effect of each instrument and musician by itself and as a whole; The echo as a poetics of the solitary.