27. April 2024, 20:00
Halle – Alte Feuerwache Cologne
MUSIK#MALEREI is a portrait concert by the Greek composer Ioannis Mitsialis, who has recently moved to Cologne. His working concept focuses on the possible ambiguity between foreground and background sound events in musical textures as well as on the parallels of this idea in the field of painting. Two of his works will be premiered on the concert evening: one for solo percussion and one for chamber ensemble. 
In addition, the string trio "Lalayi" by Farzia Fallah (Iran), "Vent Nocturne" for solo viola and electronics by Kaija Saariaho (Finland) and a world premiere by Francisco C. Goldschmidt (Chile) for amplified violin and video will be performed, works that also show a strong relationship between music and visual arts.




Kaija Saariaho (Finland)                                                                      
Vent Nocturne (2007) 
for viola and electronics       
Ioannis Mitsialis (Greece)                                                  
Composites in a stratified field (2023/24, World Premiere) 
for solo percussion 
Farzia Fallah (Iran)                                                                               
Lalayi – ein Schlaflied für Sohrab (2017) 
for violin, viola and cello

Francisco C. Goldschmidt (Chile)                                                            
cantos póstumos –after Lola Kiepja (2021, World Premiere)                                          
for violin and video
Nicolás Rupcich, video 
Ioannis Mitsialis                                                                                   
Blur (2023/24, World Premiere)                                                                                   
for violin, viola, cello and percussion


KOMMAS ENSEMBLE                                                                    
Johannes Haase, violin
Alba González Becerra, viola
Elio Herrera, cello (gast)
Ramón Gardella, percussion
Francisco C. Goldschmidt, electronics